Into a woman’s handbag there’s all her essence, her existence, her way of life: her bag must represent her in the best way. The desire of every woman is indeed being original, feeling beautiful and not going unnoticed.
From all this comes up Arte Lisanti, an Italian brand that produces leather handbags and accessories entirely hand-painted, with the mission to bring up to the market little walking art-works, that move away from the “print” or “photocopy” effect, in order to donate to those wearing them a true art-work. Who wears ArteLisanti can be sure of having an accessory unique and impossible to reproduce the same way.

Arte Lisanti is a company whose roots come from Puglia and Liguria; specifically, the firm comes out from the fusion between apulian leather goods workers and a family of three generations of artists from Liguria (Lisanti family).
The new Arte Lisanti logotype wants to reproduce and underline the transit from a traditional pictorial border to the unexpected world of fashion; a stylized flower reproduces a new blossom, from which emerges the signature of Barbara Lisanti, the one who influenced very much this transition; a “B” and a “L” take off towards new horizons, dragging the four petals that symbolize the other members of the family.

DO NOT call them products, nor articles, but “CREATIONS”…creations made with care for the details, love, artistic passion; creations certified, like it must be for the true pictorial art works, the perfect fusion between Art and Fashion.

Arte Lisanti offers small paintings, small art-works to carry always with you, hand painted one by one. Exclusive items for women who don’t want to be like anyone else, dynamic and original…women who express their womanhood choosing true art-creations for their fashion accessories. THIS is the essence of our philosophy.
In all our creations we offer high resolution quality, as much as artistic care; the choice of leathers, the heed for accessories, the accurate selection of materials and colors, the respect of the execution/drying timing make our result excellent. And all this care deals to high quality and a long time duration of our products.

*Arte Lisanti is a registered trademark